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Thread: Honoring Dr. Sirghazhi Govindarajan

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    Honoring Dr. Sirghazhi Govindarajan

    Topic started by NOV (@ on Thu Feb 5 04:33:27 EST 1998.

    Alphabetic list of songs:


    Chronological list of songs:



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    NOV (@ 202.*) on: Thu Feb 5 04:35:01 EST 1998

    Sirgazhi Govindarajan is a unique TFM singer. His voice hardly matched anyone and he<u> never</u> adjusted his voice to suit anyone. Yet avarukkendru oru thani idaththei TFM-il amaiththukondaar. A versatile singer he is not, but his ganeer kural is totally inimitable and his crsip pronunciation is unmatched. No koavil thiruvizha is complete without his songs. But check out the following:

    1. Not a single note in his Kaathalikka nerammillei, kaathalippaar yaarumillai is out of place. He was fantastic for both the young and old Muthuraman.

    2. His Kannan vanthaan angey Kannan vanthaan is one of the most urukkamaana paadal in TFM history. In the movie, the following scene is depicted: Gemini loses his wife to a fire and his son, who watches his mother die, loses his speech. Gemini tries his utmost best to cure his son Ramu, but to no avail. His goes to Madras and the doctor tells him that it is a psychological problem. The psychiatrist run some tests and gives up saying that by continuing the tests, he runs the risk of losing Ramu. Then Ramu loses all the money they had, in Madras. In a moment of anger Gemini says that Ramu is better off dead. He regrets instantly but the boy has it registered in his mind. At the next opportunity, Ramu tries to commit suicide but is saved by Gemini, who then feels that it would be better if both of them died together. At that instant, the haunting song begins: Nambinaar keduvathillei..... My God, it sent shivers up my spine, such was SG's piercing call!

    3. Who can forget his amaithiyaana, Oadam naduvinilley, oruthi mattum karaiyiniley..."? Don't you admit the chilling effect it has?

    4. In this rat race, he brought us back to the ground with Aadi adangum vaazhkaiyadaa, with such a simple singing style.

    5. If romance is what you look for :-)) (Hi Bhaskar!) then look no further than Amuthum theinum yetharkku? In fact there are many others. Your input is required....

    6. In another thread we have discussed, Ullaththil nalla ullam so I believe I don't have to go into details here. Kadamai kanniyam kattupaadu - all in one song, with a non-accusatory rendition.

    7. Want another example of an haunting experience? Try Kottayile oru aalamaram! Any comparisons?

    I think I will stop here before I get carried away. :-))

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    NOV (@ 202.*) on: Thu Feb 5 05:26:22 EST 1998

    <u>Trivia on Dr. Sirgazhi</u>

    Did you know that...

    1. Dr. Govindarajan was born in Sirgazhi in 1933 and departed in 1988 at the age of 55? (Yenna poruththam paartheengala?)

    2. He obtained the Isaimani degree when he was barely 16 and his isai payanam continued ever since?

    3. His first song was the classical 'Siripputhan Varuguthaiya in Ponvayal?

    4. Although many of his songs were in the background, he has also provided playback for the likes of MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and Muthuraman?

    5. He enchanted HFM's Lata Mangeshkar and Naushad by his Devan koavil maniosai in a Bombay concert? Apparently they told him that his voice was as loud and clear as the bell!! :-))

    6. This gifted singer has also acted in several devotional movies? The Agathiyar role fitted him extremely well! :-)) He always sang in these movies, which include Kanthan Karunai, Thirumalai Theinkumari, Dasaavathaaram, Deivam, Deiva Thirumanangal, Thiruvarul, Thai Moogambigai, Meenakshi Thiruvilayadal and off course, Agathiyar.

    7. His son, Dr. S.G. Siva Chidambaram, is his successor in music, although the medical doctor is only a shadow of the original.

    8. SG, together with his son, composed and sang a special marriage song for the BBC, in typical Indian tradition for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana?

    9. In Malaysia, there is a popular singer who goes by the name of Rajaraja Cholan, who only sings SG songs? Lately he has been recording some devotional albums, which are quite nice to hear.

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ syne*) on: Thu Feb 5 05:56:58 EST 1998


    SG's grand son, Balaji Pratap maintains a homepage
    for SG:
    It has a lot of details about SG.

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    gOpAl (@ 1cus*) on: Thu Feb 5 10:42:57 EST 1998

    NOV, SKji, thanx for this great info on the one and only Sirkhazhi.
    Besides his other great songs, i love his yEdu thandhAnadi thillaiyilE.

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    gOpAl (@ 1cus*) on: Thu Feb 5 10:58:09 EST 1998

    SKji The site for Sirkazhi by is grandson is informtive and great work. Thanks for providing the url.
    After visiting the site I got two of my fav. songs
    1. KallilE kalaivannan kandAn
    2. ULLathil nalla uLLam
    Oh boy, great songs!! All time greats.

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    Amar (@ worf*) on: Thu Feb 5 12:25:26 EST 1998

    Yes, SG almost always comes to mind whenever discussions revolved around "Ganeer Kural" in Tamil. I am a great fan of all his songs( especially devotional songs ). I remember in those days as a Teen-ager, I disliked his songs for the fact that they almost always associated with "Pathos" situations. It was not a "COOL" thing to do, you know. But, later, began to appreciate the same songs for the quality of singing and the lyrics.

    You are right about his songs, they certainly do stir up our souls and give this out-of-the-world experience.

    I have seen SG as the only one( to my dislike at times since I liked TMS better ) to overshadow TMS's voice in many of the songs SG & TMS sang together. Like you pointed out, SG never attempted to adpat his voice to suit the actor; he always believed in singing in one and only way, the Ganeer-Pure-Tamil way which has its good & bad points.

    Some of the devotional songs of SG that "Mei-Marakkufies" me are:

    1. Neeyallaal Deivam Illai, Enathu Nenjey Nee Vaazhum Yellai, Muruga!
    2. Ganabhathiyey Varuvaai, Arulvaai.
    3. Vinaayaganey Vinai Theerppavaney, Vezhamugathoaney, Gnanamuthalvaney!

    and many more....

    Are we attempting to list all great songs of SG in this thread?

    (NOV, one subtle correction in your listing: The song is "Oadam Nathiyiniley, Oruthimattum Karaiyiniley; Udalaivittu Uyir Pirinthu Parakkuthamma Veliyiley!" and you had listed it as "Oadam Naduviniley...")

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    aruLarasan (@ psip*) on: Thu Feb 5 16:50:01 EST 1998

    Talking about SG and TMS I remember reading about the song in agaththiyar,
    in which agaththiyar and rAvaNan have a pAttup pOtti. TMS had to
    sing for rAvaNan and (obviously) rAvaNan loses the competition. It seems
    like TMS declined to sing that song (nAn thORpadhA? nadakkAdhu!).
    The song was finally completed with ravaNan playing his vINai
    and ellA stringsum aRundhupOividum.

    appusAmiyin aRpudha viLakkilirundhu vandha bUdhaththinAlO
    ennavO, i found a cassette in my cassettes kuppai that had some
    excellent (at least to my ears) song sung by sIrgAzhi. I don't
    the movie of even one song. But, anyhow, here is the list.

    (1) sOlaikkuLLE kuyilu kunju summA summA kUvudhu - this song is a
    good kudhukalamAna song.

    (2) ulagamellAm iruNdadhu pOl thONudhu
    un uruvam mattum oLiviLakkAik kANudhu

    (3) sIvi mudichchukkittu singAram paNNikittu
    thErOttam pAkkap pOREn vAriyA

    (4) chithtiramE chithtiramE sirikka kUdAdhA
    siRidhu nEram aruginilE irukkakkUdAdhA
    What a song.

    (5) thangak kiLiyE mozhi pEsu sarkarai idhazhAl kavi pAdu
    Another great song.

    (6) karumbAga inikkindRa paruvam - idhaik
    kadhayAgach cholludhu un kAdhal uruvam

    (7) sengani vAith thiRandhu siriththiduvAi
    thiththikkum thEn kudamE shenbagap pUchcharamE

    (8) kuththAlam aruviyilE kuLichchadhu pOl irukkudhA

    Before I listened to this cassette I never knew that sIrgAzhi had
    sung so good romantic songs.

    (9) yArukku yAr sondham yenbadhu ennai
    nErukku nEr kEttAl nAn yenna solvadhu

    This is a great song. This pallavi looks like a kAdhal thOlvi song.
    But the first stanza has a great (socialistic) philosophy. (I don't
    remember those lines now:-( )

    (10) sirikkindRAL ivaL sirikkindRAL
    sindhiya kaNNIr mARiyadhAlE

    My all time favorite of sIrgAzhi is

    (11) shivashankari shivAnandhalahari. Unfortunately (not
    really so), I have only the thelugu version of this song sung
    by ghantasAlA. He too
    has done a great job.

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    RV (@ 1cus*) on: Thu Feb 5 22:27:24 EST 1998

    Seerkazhi has also sung quite a few songs in the lighter vein. Brilliantly, if I may add.

    Listen to "Beautiful Marvellous Excellent Very Very Excellent Nee Pirandhirukka Vendiyadhu England!" in Manam Oru Kurangu. Very well done. Though the voice doesnt suit Cho at all. ;-)

    Some others:
    1. Poova Thalaoya Pottaa Theriyum
    2. Azhagirukkudhu Ulagile
    3. Vetri Venduma Pottup Paarada Edhir Neechal

    In the first two he overshadows TMS!

    In my view, his voice suited the Raja Rani times MGR reasonably well. See Chakravarthith Thirumagan where he sings this one
    "Aada Vaanga Annatthe Anjaadheenga Annaatthe"

    Uzhaippadhilaa Uzhaippai Peruvadhilaa in Nadodi Mannan is another "suitable" one.

    I wish he had sang more songs!

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    Sathya (@ ppp-*) on: Thu Feb 5 22:32:55 EST 1998


    aRputha viLakku kaNdu pidithha maNiyaana paadalkaL:

    1.sOlaikkuLLe kuyiluk kunjyu- P.Susila
    Paanai pidiththaval baagyasaali

    4.chiththiramE chiththiramE
    5.thangak kiLiyE mozhi pEsu
    iraNdum P.Susilavudan
    Veerakkanal (K.V.Mahadevan)

    6.karumbaaka inikkinRa paruvam
    Kongu naattu thangam (KVM)

    7.sengani vaay thiRanthu
    Yaanaip paakan

    8.kuththaalam aruviyilE
    10.sirikkinRaaL inRu sirikkinRaaL
    iraNdum Nallavan vaazvaan (T.R.Paappa)
    MGR padam

    9.yaarukku yaar sonthamenbathu
    Sabaash maappillai (KVM)
    MGR padam

    11.shiva shankari
    mika arumaiyaana paadal
    Jagathala prathapan (Pendiyala Nagesvara rao)

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