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Thread: P.B. Srinivas - PBS

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    P.B. Srinivas - PBS

    Topic started by Ramki (@ ucc221.lab.cc.wmich.edu) on Thu Aug 28 16:24:25 EDT 1997.

    Song list & lyrics: http://forumhub.lunarpages.com/hub/v...?p=67262#67262

    Alphabetical list of lyrics: http://forumhub.lunarpages.com/hub/lyrsort.php?t=1916

    (Make sure the lyric you posted is here. If not, it means you have not added "song title (film name)" to the subject field of the post. Please add it so that this list is complete. For sample, you may check out any of the included lyrics.)

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    Ramki (@ ucc2*) on: Thu Aug 28 16:32:11 EDT 1997

    Just wanted to remind u folks that we had
    a great singer called PBS(If his songs had
    been discussed in last 2months of my absence
    here then apologise me)

    PBS is one of the best singer TFM ever had.
    His tamil accent with a light touch of telugu
    was a treat to our ears especially when he sings
    kaadhal songs like 'oruthi oruvanai ninaithu vittal'('yosikkiren'appidinnu solluvar indha
    pattile adhu evvalavu vatti kettalum alukkadhu)

    Some of his masterpieces are:

    Mayakkama kalakkama(sumaithangi)
    manidhan enbavan deivamaagalam(")
    thol kandaen thole kandaen(idhaya kamalam)
    chinna chinna kannanukku(vazhkkai padagu)
    nilavae ennidam nerungadhae(Ramu)
    kaalangalil aval vasantham(indha song illamiya?)
    udalukku uyir kaaval(manapandhal)
    enne koduppan edhai koduppan(his portion in the very popular karnan song)
    kangalae kangalae kaadhal seivadhai(vazhkkai padagu)
    thulli thirindha penondru thuyil(kathirindha kangal)

    etc etc (for you people to fill in)

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    Pags (@ pkri*) on: Thu Aug 28 17:53:30 EDT 1997

    Some more:

    paarthEn..siriththEn.. (veera abimanyu)
    endha OOr enDravanE.. (kaattu roja)
    kaadhal nilavE.. (hello Mr. Jamindhaar)
    endhan paruvaththin ?kku (sumai thaangi)
    avaL paRandhu pOnaaLe..(with TMS, paar magaLe paar)
    aadhi manidhan kaadhalukkup pin.. (balE paandiyaa)
    aandonDRu pOnaal.. (police-kaaran magaL)
    madura nagaril thamizhch changam.. (??? is it Bale Paandiyaa too?)

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    Kanchana (@ ww-t*) on: Thu Aug 28 19:33:35 EDT 1997

    Madura nagaril Thamizh sangam is from Paar Magalae Paar

    Some more:
    Naetru varai nee yaaroa (Vaazhkai Padagu)
    Poojaikku vandha malarae vaa (Kaathirundha Kanngal)
    Kann mai yaendhum (Poojaikku vandha Malar)
    Sandhipoamaa (Chithi)
    Poo varayum poongodiyae poomaalai podavaa--???
    Nenjam Marapadhillai
    Ponn onru kandaen penn angae illai (Padithaal mattum Podhumaa)
    Kavalaigal kidakkattum marandhu vidu (Pandha Paasam)
    Thennangeetru soalayilae (Paadhai Theriyudhu Paar)
    Raja raja sri rani vandhaal (Ooti varai uravu)
    Naalaam naalaam thiru naalaam (Kathalikka Naeramillai)
    Athikkai kaai kaai (Balae Pandiya)
    Yaar yaar yaar aval yaaroa (Pasa Malar)
    Azhagiya midhilai nagarinilae (Annai)

    PBS/SJ was a good romantic pair of yester-years, Thennam keetru soalayilae is one of my favorite PBS/SJ songs.

    How about all of PBS's classics from Adutha Veetu Penn?

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Thu Aug 28 20:49:30 EDT 1997

    Apart from listing, I request all of you
    to also write your individual comments on your
    best choices. Ennudaya favourite of PBS is
    (Kanchana list-il pOtta) "thennankeetru sOlayilE"
    from Paadhai Theriyudhu Paar. PBS has given a
    very special voice to it. On a nice and clear
    powrNami day, you should go to the open terrace
    (make sure there are no artificial lights) and listen to
    this song in complete silence. You will know
    how lovely it is; you will get a melancholic
    feeling! Hats off to Srinivasan for composing that
    wonderful song and PBS for singing it in the
    best way one can imagine. I have always
    wondered about the picturization of this song.
    Can anyone give details?

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    Sathiya Keerthi (@ pano*) on: Thu Aug 28 20:51:45 EDT 1997

    oops. "powrNami day" should read "powrNami night".

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    Shashi (@ 137.*) on: Thu Aug 28 21:09:27 EDT 1997

    Wasn't PBS a kannadiga and not a telugu vaadu?

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    Rajaraman (@ 192.*) on: Thu Aug 28 21:10:40 EDT 1997

    Kannaale pesi pesi kollaathe is one
    of favourites.

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    Pags (@ pkri*) on: Thu Aug 28 21:25:53 EDT 1997


    poo varaiyum poonkodiyE.. is from idhayaththil nee.

    Another PBS (with PS) song:
    pOgap pOgath theriyum..indhap poovin vaasam puriyum.. (sarvar sundaram)

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    Ravy (@ ww-t*) on: Thu Aug 28 21:58:18 EDT 1997

    My favorite is paadadha pattellam pada vandhai from veerath thirumagan. PBS's voice is so smooth and a nice humming to go with that.

    Roja malarae rajakumari from the same movie.

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