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Thread: LR eswari

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    G.Ragavan (@ 202.*) on: Mon Apr 23 04:34:35 EDT 2001

    Sorry a small mistake in my previous posting.
    This is not only the problem with IR
    Read as : This is not the problem with IR only.

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    TNS (@ 203.*) on: Mon Apr 23 12:09:09 EDT 2001

    Now I remember one old Arasu badhil from Kumudham
    Answer....Idlikku Thottu Kolla Chatiney or Sambar Undu ....Anal Cabere....songs PADA...LRE Kku..Edu Alternate...
    He was right....In early 80s If IR and other MDs had used LRE for Sexy numbers...every song of Silkku and Anuradha would be hummed even today...
    She was cheap and Vulgar still had extremely Sexy Voice....Infact ARR adopted LRE type of singing for his Bombay....Humma..Amma...number...
    When IR and brothers were having Light Music troupe...Named PAVALAR BROTHERS...in early 1975 they wanted LRE...to sing for one of their prestegious Light music Assignment...She refused them saying Ungalai madhiri Pattikkattu Paradesi Pasangaloda Programme LA naan Paada Matene...
    Later years she paid a heavy price for insulting those innocent youngsters....
    Nunalum Than Vaayale Kedum.....TNS.

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    G.Ragavan (@ 164.*) on: Tue Apr 24 00:47:52 EDT 2001

    Yaakavarayinum Naakaka Kaavakal
    chokaapar chollizukup patu - Ithu LREku.

    Inna cheitharai oruthal avarnaana
    nanayam cheithu vida - Ithu IRku.

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    Common Friend (@ 203.*) on: Tue Apr 24 11:06:42 EDT 2001

    Hey guys,
    I am not able to read the interview of LR. Can anybody please post the interview's main points here? I shall be very greatful to them.

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    karthi (@ 63.2*) on: Wed Apr 25 00:56:11 EDT 2001

    GR! )

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    GB (@ 212.*) on: Thu Apr 26 10:04:14 EDT 2001

    PP, as everybody expressed, you should not use such indecent words in a public discussion forum. We are talking about great artists of music.

    Well, why are you bothering about the age of singers? They are not actresses or actors for whom the glamour does matter. But for the singer, as long as the voice is in condion , it is ok.

    You have an aversion towards aged female singers, but not aged male singers, is it? Many of the male singers like KJY and SPB of higher age groups still carry the industry scene and has youthful voice.

    Please do not bring a street type statement in such forum

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    Analog (@ 12.1*) on: Thu Apr 26 11:33:57 EDT 2001

    I watched the live program given by MSV & LRE in Dubai couple of months back on tape. Unproffessional is the one word to describe her acts on the stage.

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    UVII (@ 63.2*) on: Thu Apr 26 12:00:29 EDT 2001

    LRE is jalra aduchufying ARR to get chances to sing....ellam neram

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    Common Friend (@ 203.*) on: Thu Apr 26 12:04:30 EDT 2001

    What's the controversy in her interview? Can anyone tell me. I am not able to read the interview.

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    Udhaya (@ 63.8*) on: Thu Apr 26 17:36:16 EDT 2001

    There's this misconception that LRE never got along with IR. How come she sang in "Nallathoru Kudumbam" then? She sang the song, "One, two, chachacha" in that movie.

    LRE was used by MSV, especially in the viswanathan-ramamurthy era for many jazz based songs. She has said that Ella Fitzgerald is one of her favorites, I can sure hear it in her modulations. If she were born in the West she would've been one of the great jazz singers. Unfortunately she was stuck in TFM as a specialty singer.

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