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Thread: LR eswari

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    LR eswari

    Topic started by sandya (@ on Sat Apr 21 00:40:36 EDT 2001.

    LR eswari appreciates A.R.Rahman and Kamal & she is talking about the latest tamil music.post your responses

    <a href="http://thirai.ambalam.com/
    " target="_top">http://thirai.ambalam.com/ </a>


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    GB (@ 212.*) on: Sat Apr 21 12:45:32 EDT 2001

    Sandhya, it is nice that you started a topic on her.She was once ruling Tamil Cinema, although it was for a specific type of songs.And many of them are excellent songs.Songs like "PatathuRani" and "ElandhaPayam" took the south indian music scene by storm.
    TFM DF has not paid much attention to her.But she deserves lot of appreciation. Can some LRE fans join in ?

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    Pozhudhu pogadhavan (@ 12.9*) on: Sat Apr 21 18:21:07 EDT 20

    Indha Kizhaviyai Veettukku anupiyadhe IR dhaan. Adaan Kobam.

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    Neel (@ 64.3*) on: Sat Apr 21 19:22:17 EDT 2001


    LRE sure deserves a lot of appreciation. She really was versaitle. She sang every song with involvement which is what proabaly made her versatile. And a powerful voice with clean uccarippu.

    vArAi en thozi vArAyO - a nice girlfriend
    pattaththu rAni - a brave, vengeful woman
    kAthOduthAn nAn pAduvEn - a sad, vulnerable woman
    elanthappazam - a total riot

    LRE had it all.

    And she has a lot of guts to speak her mind in an interview like this.

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    innoru PP (@ 63.2*) on: Sat Apr 21 20:12:03 EDT 2001

    Pozhudhu POgaadhavan, you are right! IR preferred another Kizhavi!

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    ;) (@ 63.2*) on: Sun Apr 22 04:16:48 EDT 2001

    inooru PP, you are a person who prides himself on not using pseudonyms at all. What is the reason for hiding behind curtains of anonymity to bring down a great artiste ? Is it because she managed to push all her peers/competitors (including your favourite singer) into the oblivion after annakkiLi ? Please maintain decency and decorum hereafter!!!!

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    G.Ragavan (@ 164.*) on: Mon Apr 23 01:37:44 EDT 2001

    Innoru PP, Please use decent words.
    - Why are you hiding? Janaki became very popualar after Annakilli. That is true. But Janaki was new to TFM at annakilli time. Why she was not so popular before that?
    She is a good singer. Let us stop there and enjoy. The same thing with LRE also. But the fact is IR used Janaki too much. He should have avoided that.

    Let me come to the topic. LRE was popular in Kannada film industry also. I had seen so many LRE albums in music shops. Still people remember her.

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    NagaS (@ 202.*) on: Mon Apr 23 02:20:43 EDT 2001

    G. Ragavan,

    I Agree that IR used Janaki more, But I don't think it was too much. Her voice had the variety and IR used it to full extend, It was not monopoly IMO,

    Just for fun, See Deva, He is using Anu Shriram's voice more and more and more ... I would say that is too much. She is capable of doing more, But she restricts herself to same type of singing, Got bored to it .. Last year she sang atleast 50+ songs and only good ones (IMO) are 'Roja Ponthoottam' and 'karupputhaan enakku pidichcha colour'


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    G.Ragavan (@ 202.*) on: Mon Apr 23 04:15:31 EDT 2001

    Sorry a small mistake in my previous postin.
    But Janaki was new to TFM at annakilli time.
    read as : But Janaki was not new at annakilli time.

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    G.Ragavan (@ 202.*) on: Mon Apr 23 04:32:46 EDT 2001

    Naga : This is not only the problem with IR. It is the same with MSV also. In some old movies, we could see only TMS and PS name as singers. In Kapakam all the songs were sung by PS only.

    But that time, the other singers (like LRE) were talented enough for the competition. When MSV broght VJ into tfm, he started using VJ more and PS less. At one stage VJ was the only female singer in some movies. Even IR didn't escape of VJ wave. At 70s and earl 80 he too used VJ very well. The same case with SG and Chandrabose also.

    But all in a sudden VJ didn't get chance with IR. Then Janaki was used for most of the songs. I am really clueless why it was so.

    Janaki is a good singer. PS, VJ and LRE are also good singers. Their acheivements are very great. But at the same time we can't say PS is the best of all (or) SJ is the best of all. Because their period of achievements were different. When PS was no1, SJ was just a singer(very rarely used). The same way with VJ and SJ. All are good.

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