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Thread: Raga of songs

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    Dear guys,

    You all heard of a raaga called Mohana Kalyani? At a casual glance, it looks like Mohanam going up and Kalyani coming down. That said, I, for a long time, thought that Mohana Kalyani is produced by the same principle as Aabheri. Most of us know that Aabheri is simply a fusion of Shuddhadhanyasi and Karaharapriya-- all you gotta do is play the swaras of Shuddhadhanyasi in the aarohanam and Karaharapriya in the avarohanam. But hearing Carnatic pieces in Mohana Kalyani, this does not seem to be the case. I mean, just playing Mohanam in the aarohanam and Kalyani in the avarohanam doesn't seem to make Mohana Kalyani, but only Mohanam and Kalyani. I guess this is one of those raagas that cannot lend itself to light treatment. Is there anyone knowledgeable enough to lay the low on the characteristics of Mohana Kalyani?


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    srini and guhan

    "Ponmaanai naan kaana" - i have heard is bowli

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    Thanks Vel. Longtime since I saw you in ROS . Can you please tell me the difference between Bowli and Boopalam?


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    Srini, Bowli is a madhyama-varjaya janyam of 15th Melakarta raaga Mayamaalavagowla, which means that the Ma1 of MMG is left out in Bowli. Bowli is also nishaada-varjaya in the aarohanam only, therefore its scale is this:

    Aa: s r1 g3 p d1 S
    Av: S n3 d1 p g3 r1 s

    The only piece of Bowli I can remember is the Carnatic Krithi "Brammamakote..." There may be film songs in this raaga, but I'm not aware of them.

    Bhoopaalam is a pentatonic janya raaga of the 8th Melakarta Hanumathodi, meaning it is made up of five swaras.

    Aa: s r1 g2 p d1 S
    Av: S d1 p g2 r1 s

    I don't think Bhoopaalam has ever been used in film music, except in the ragamalika "Sangeetha Sowbhaaghyame" (What is the base raga of this song btw? Is it Jonpuri?) I think the raaga you were referring to was REVAGUPTHI. That's a janya of Mayamaalavagowla just like Bowli. Just change Ga2 of Bhoopaala raagam to Ga3, that's all. Thus,

    Aa: s r1 g3 p d1 S
    Av: S d1 p g3 r1 s

    This raaga has indeed been used in film music. Maestro Ilayaraja even did one song in this raaga: "Kozhikoovum Nerathile" (Vanna Vanna Pookkal). Another good song in Revagupthi, although a Malayalam one, is "Thoovenna Kondu" from [late] Raveendran's devotional album "Kalabham Chaarthi," released after its maker passed away.

    I hope I've answered your question.


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    hi nithya
    thank you for details about bhoopalam,bowli,revagupthi
    i didnn't learn carnatic properly.
    i have heared a beatiful song from oothukadu"mun seitha thavapayane"from T.N.S.the very next day i went nithyasri concert at sastri hall ,she sung a kirthnai ,i asked my next man"is it revagupthi?"he told me it is bowli but end of song nithyasri declared this raga is revagupthi.that time i felt very proud.thanks for made me to remember the golden days.

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    I don't think Bhoopaalam has ever been used in film music, except in the ragamalika "Sangeetha Sowbhaaghyame"...//

    The famous Bharathi's song in Bhoopaalam...


    ...was used to be sung in Public-meetings and concerts during Pre-independance days.

    The same was sung in the Old-Cinema AMBIKAAPATHI with MKT.

    In those days KANNAKI with P.U.Chinnappa... this Raaga BHOOPAALAM was sung by U.R.Jeevarathnam in the role of Kounthi-Adigal...

    ...as the first Raaga of the Ragamalika.. maiden song of the film


    ....which became so famous for this Raga, and so was copied in several Dramas...

    ... because it was of high standard BHOOPAALAM.

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    How about my query on Mohanakalyani? Anyone want to take a stab at it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitya
    How about my query on Mohanakalyani? Anyone want to take a stab at it?
    I wanted to write on this Raga...MOHANA-KALYANI.. under my Serial-Article ...titled..

    .. SANGEETHA ALAI-KADAL ... of our HUB- MAGAZINE June-06 issue.

    Since our friend Nithya is very curious... I will touch a few points here, which others can continue on.

    This Janya-Raga was NEWLY CARVED by the Music-Genious of the last century... Sri Harikesa-nallur Muthiah Bhagawathar....the then Asthana Vidwan of Thiruvaangoor Raja..

    He was a Revolutionary in several respects ...of the then Karnatic- Music world... as also a Connoisseur of many Break-throughs.

    One of such Revolutions was...INVENTION OF NEW RAGAS...out of which is this Novel one... MOHANA-KALYANI.

    The peculiarity of this Raga is...that it is the beautiful blend of Kalyani and Mohanam.

    But only at certain parts...Mohanam or Kalyani Ragas show out exclusively and predominantly.... but mostly it appears different.

    For example....Black-coffee tastes one way... while the Milk taste is another... but when both are mixed that Blend becomes the third sort of taste.

    So is Mohana-Kalyani., the Sweet and enlightening Raga.

    There are some other Ragas too.... of the same phenomena.

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    mohana kalyani

    It is a sweet raga, no doubt. Its ascent uses mohanam notes, descent uses kalyani notes, making it whatever it sounds like.

    In hindustani music, there is a raag "shuddh kalyan" which has the same scale. In carnatic it is a fairly new addition. I believe the first composer was Harikesanallur Muthiah Bagavatar. Probably the most recent one that is most popular is "Lalgudi Jayaraman's thillana". Though most carnatic compositions follow the strict "s r g p d s" in ascent and "s n d p m g r s" in descent, there are different prayogas that make people think it is different. For instance, Lalgudi's thillana starts
    "g p d s n p m g r g s n d s r g".


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    mohana kalyani

    Hello Nitya,

    I did not read your question fully before writing my response. So let me add some more thoughts: The scale of mohana kalyani is no different from mohanam is ascent and kalyani in descent. I could not believe that raga pantuvarali and mayamalavagowla differ by only one
    note in the scale !! So, what the raga swarupa makes
    you believe can be entirely different from the base

    I think "heavy" and "light" nature of a raga is upto
    the listener to interpret. After a lot of listening
    I have concluded that it is all in our minds. There
    are some notes, which if "gamakafied" can make it sound "heavy" to most listeners. I do not subscribe
    to the theory of "kaalayil paadum ragam ennavo?". If
    you wake up every morning to kalyani raga, you may
    start believing that Kalyani is a morning raga :-)


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