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Thread: Raga of songs

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    kindly tell me the raagaas to these old songs.[pbs hits]

    1.ponnenben ...siru poovenben/[POLICEKAARAN MAGAL]
    2.Paarthen sirithen[VEERA ABIMANYU.]
    3.POOJAIKKU VANTHA MALARE VAA[paatha kaanikkai]
    4.kaalangalil aval vasantham[PAAVA MANNIPPU]


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    I coukldn't agree with you guys more from what little latest"chart busters" I have heard.

    Lil bit soul-searching revealed that we are not the average present day TFM rasigas. So pandering will go on.

    If you notice the following "hits" (not necessarily in the chronological order) there is a sustained degenration pattern:
    1. O pOdu
    2. chirikkee ... cheena chaana dOi(or some nonsense) from vasool...
    3. manmadha rAsA
    4.kalyananthaan kattikittu OdipOlAma
    5. maman pEu madurai
    6.kokar kokkara kO (some Vijay"s movie)
    7. Latest(?) suppose unnai kAdhalichchu..

    and we have not seen the last of them

    Me I am content with listening to old hits of KVM, GR, MSV-TKR and selected IR and ARR.

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    ponnenben ...siru poovenben/[POLICEKAARAN MAGAL] - Dharbari Kaanada
    Paarthen sirithen[VEERA ABIMANYU.] - Sahaana
    "'Mazhai Mazhai' from Ullam ketkume, today. Hemavathi thane???" - true , but only the starting few lines and after that the song just peters off . Recently "veena vaani" from Ponmegalai is a good example of Hemavathi. "Manam pola maangalyam" from Pudhupatti Ponnuthaayi is also another good Hemavathi number from the last 10 years with exemplary naadhaswaram backup

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    Lil bit soul-searching revealed that we are not the average present day TFM rasigas. So pandering will go on.
    Pandering will go on... unless one of us takes responsibility into our own hands. Remember, composing good music is not a physical impossibility by any means. It's a psychological obstacle that needs to be overcome.
    Remember, MDs don't have to compromise quality of music. Of course, proper association does matter. As a quality music director, you don't want to associate with directors who depend too much on hyper-real robotic sets featuring smoking-hot three-quarter naked girlies and ultra-hip dudes breaking out dumb dance moves. In fact, the more realistic the sets for songs, the better for the MD.

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    RAJA composings

    thanks thumbru.

    kindly tell me the raagas to theese raajas composings.

    1.poomalaiye thol sera vaa[pagal nilavu]
    2.paadu nilaave..poonkavithai[udaya geetham]
    3.raasaathi unnai kaanaatha nenju..[vaidegi kaathirunthaal]
    4.nee thuungum nerathil..[manasellaam]
    5.vetti veru vaasam..[mudal mariyaathai]


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    1.apple penne[youth]
    2.pachchai kiligal[indian]
    3.oru vaarthai ketga pala varusham[aiyaa]
    4.enna ninaiche..[chokka thangam]
    5.aasai aasai..[thuul]


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    I appreciate your ambitions and efforts. Please let me know if you have any compositions and if you can share it with me.. I shall be more than happy to listen and pass on my comments (see.. these are the disadvantages of sharing what you have with others... You will be judged )). It is not for drawing any judgement or perspicacities. Just wanted to hear some fresh music as I am getting sick of the present stuff.. Just pass on if you would like to.

    Na Bhootho...Na Bhavishyathi !!

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    thabo, this is my opinion:

    Poo Maalaiye Thol Seravaa (Pagal Nilavu) - NATABHAIRAVI
    Nee Thoongum Nerathil (Manasellaam) - KEERAVAANI

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    Viswa, man you've listed every single number i hate to listen.

    Nitya, i wud love 2 listen 2 ur compositions as well, if u can share 'em across.

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    Srini M and Indrajith, I truly feel encouraged. However, at the moment, I cannot share my compositions with anyone online. Also, you must know that I'm yet to learn how to orchestrate songs, and furthermore, I need to become familiar with so many different instruments. Of the aggregate musical instruments, I can only identify a handful. Sorry, but that's just the reality of things.


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