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Thread: Raga of songs

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    Vel (@ 219.*) on: Fri Oct 22 01:26:16 EDT 2004

    I wud like to add some more...JEEZ, i am spoiling my holiday mood thoroughly..OK this is my last post, last for this topic, and probably the last in this thread.


    i too can point about a "self-proclaimed" guardian of "carnatic music" who claimed "pon meni urugudhe" is sree raagam. Scale-wise, i cud easily discard the claim, playing it over the keyboard. So JUNK comes from both worlds. DOUBTS linger both for the instrumentalists and the gamakkam specialists...My querry however was abt a genuine case of sree ragam in 'solam vidhaikayile'...

    Everyone here is learning...Idhula silarukku thaan periyan matravan mattam'nnu oru varattu mandai ganam...Veru silarukku vayitherichal..Adhu dhaan thaangala saami.

    Vishayam therindhavargalin "vidya garvam" enakku puriyum..Naanum madhikiren...Arai vekaadugalin varattu vaadham enakku allergy. And their vayitherichal "whenever IR's work is lauded", is shamefull/cheap to say the least. Arivu virindha alavirkku manasu viriyala.

    To make things clear...I never make loud claims abt RARE scales just for the heck of it. Here is my website http://www.geocities.com/ilaiyaragam/index.html.. check this and let me know..Thappu irundha thiruthikiren...I wud only be happy to do that...(You can ask an unbiased poster like KUPPS abt my eagerness to rectify and constantly work upon this database..he knows it better than any of you here).

    And as for Senchuruti in "aatukutti muttai ittu"...well, i will reproduce what i wrote here long time back http://forumhub.com/indcmusic/24541.10768.09.41.42.html


    Hi ALL,

    I learnt today from a radio program that "Aatukutti muttai ittu" from 16 Vayadhinile is based on raga senchuruti..

    First abt the raga..

    It is best suited for folk flavour..Mostly 'kavadi chinthu'-s are based on the raga..it starts in Panchamam (Pa) and ends in the Panchamam of next octave..

    Here is the link for a senchuruti based carnatic flute piece..after i knew that the song is based in the raga, i heard this to get a feel..the link is http://www.musicindiaonline.com/music/l/00010T (see the 8th track there...Folk Melody Ragam: Chenchuruti)...

    The start of the song (in the above link) can be directly correlated with the high pitched "Kittapaavin paata ketaen, chinnappavaa nerila paarthen" of the aatukkutti song :-)

    Just thought i should share it with u all...


    Hope i have made myself clear.

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    vijay (@ 68.5*) on: Fri Oct 22 01:39:27 EDT 2004

    People who dont listen/analyze/bother to learn about about the work of other great MDs(like MSV/GR/KVM and many others) and are stuck within a narrow circle around just ONE MD(whom they themselves claim to be fanatics of) are talking about "virindha manasu", "parandha arivu" and so on..quite amusing:-)) This was a thread that used to discuss great songs from all decades/eras sometime back.

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    Vel (@ 219.*) on: Fri Oct 22 01:58:25 EDT 2004

    This thread "used" to discuss'nna....

    Ippo yaaravadhu kaiyya katti pottutaangala...Did anyone BAN any of us here not to discuss "OTHER GREAT MDs"? Then why is no-one talking abt the other great MDs? What is preventing "everyone" here? OTHER MDs paatula pesaradhukku vishayam illaiya, illa pesaradhukku namakkitte sarakku illaiyaa? illa pesina naamala vayasaanavangannu odhikiduvaangannu bayamaa? Do we fear that we may sound "outdated"..i dont understand who/what is stopping it?

    Thats the goddamn question that SRINI first asked, in the first place.


    [P.S.OK ppl, its WAR. I am gonna stay for some more time :-))...Even otherwise this thread remains activity-less...Indha Debate'aavadhu nadakattume ;-)]

    Srini, most of Deva's ganas are sindhu bhairavis...He gave a nice MISRA maand in "rekka katti parakudhadi annamala cycle" from Annamalai.

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    vijay (@ 68.1*) on: Fri Oct 22 17:28:32 EDT 2004

    Vel, you should ask all those questions to yourself:-) Everyone else here is/was open-minded enough to discuss songs of all MDs, they are not just one-MD fanatics, however they are probably put off by (immature) fanaticism(evidenced by over-analysis of some medicore IR songs and lengthy lists of songs mapped to rare scales that make little sense most of the time) and have decided to stay away for a while.

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    purv (@ 137.*) on: Fri Oct 22 18:50:00 EDT 2004

    Overanalysis of some mediocre IR songs? Like what? Could you please give some examples Vijay?

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    Vel (@ 219.*) on: Sat Oct 23 13:37:50 EDT 2004

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    Vel (@ 219.*) on: Sat Oct 23 14:10:10 EDT 2004

    :-) Honestly, thats a good tune. But you wud be better if u left the singing part to someone else. The rendition sounds "text-bookish".

    Overall, good work.

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    Vel (@ 219.*) on: Sat Oct 23 14:14:49 EDT 2004

    Now reverting back to our WAR :-)

    “…..and they are probably put off by (immature) fanaticism and have decided to stay away for a while…”

    Lo Behold !!!…Here comes the mouthpiece of “EVERYONE ELSE” in this thread. I don’t think I asked u to talk on behalf of “EVERYONE ELSE”, as a self appointed spokesperson for the ROS thread. I talking about YOU and YOUR specific contributions in this THREAD and in general in TFMPage …Many of the DFers like IR (isairasigai), Ragapravaham Sundar and now Indrajith etc all have criticized (atleast hinted some displeasure) with me for being IR-centric with my ILAIYARAGAM list,…But then these people they have also given me constructive suggestions/corrections/new entries to the database whenever they can, some thru this forum or some thru e-mails…(Bcoz they understand that’s where I have better exposure to, when compared with yesteryear composers and also IR is where my passion is)….The people I have listed above don’t merely rest with grumpy ‘n tiring posts like you do….They helped me make ILAIYARAGAM better (either directly or indirectly), over these 4 to 5 years. That’s what I call constructive suggestions/inputs, compared to destructive, sarcastic, negative and venomous posts (by you and your “aides”)….

    Well, I shud say…..thanks to the honest contributions from the aforementioned people only, and my ‘co-compilers’ like Ram, purv etc, very recently, a prominent TV music program producer requested me to send her the ILAIYARAGAM database list… With a heart brimming with happiness I sent the very list that made little sense to you and your “aides” (of IR-is-mediocre-CAMP)… this producer is a thorough carnatic exponent cum singer and has appreciated the effort that has gone in this database…I may not be a “knowledgeable” like IR, Ragapravaham Sundar or Indrajith…but I am proud with my effort nevertheless…

    I know I have contributed something worthwhile, even if it was only thru some timely help from so many other fellow Dfers here… As for your contribution, well speak up for yourself. (Frankly speaking, will u not accept that you are getting dangerously stale with ur acidic remarks abt IR that you keep posting all the time as a full time job…)

    May be we’ll have to agree to respect each others “mutually exclusive” utility vis--vis each other’s post. You cant find any sense in my posts, and I wont waste time with urs. Clean slate !!!

    :-) Well, what puzzles me is this….I have seen your initial years (1999 or so), wherein your IR-centric posts sounded far more “FANATIC” than what I post….May be i shud try “mature fanaticisms” like these…. ( http://tfmpage.com/forum/17033.5982.3.html )...or was this a different (by ur own choice of words, rather “immature” Vijay at that time? :-)).


    From: vijay (@ on: Sat Jan 3 02:25:08 EST 1998

    a)…..the song 'april meyile' from idhayam also has the same effect.it has a touch of melancholy to it …..IR can only do it!….try singing these 2 pices slower and u'll realise what i said….

    b)….the first few times i listened to the song , I was emotionally moved…. the song has left an indelible impact on me…..who else other than IR can do it…? ULTIMATE EXAMPLE OF MUSICAL CREATIVITY AND GENIUS….

    c)….each time i listen to this IR song i discover something new in that song which makes me enjoy it better….

    d)….as we can see swarnalatha has sung some of her best nos. under IR.hope that she remembers to mention him in interviews.i have never seen her mentioning about IR's ability in any of the interviews.ditto,with prabudeva…..


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    thumburu (@ 83.8*) on: Sat Oct 23 18:34:30 EDT 2004

    Vijayadasmi kku Vel , vijaya vadham pannitaaraa? )
    Vel, I can sort of understand your anxiety to swell your raga database. But to add to our woes,
    IR also has not made adequate foray into Carnatic music. Hence the natural course would be to include ragas by MSV/KVM/SVV etc.That would also fill the Gana raga lacunae
    (KVM has several Kambodhi's to his credit!!!). Vel, now you are forced to do something like
    "I am like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which is not there" - borrowing
    liberally from vengayam )
    Aiyyo, Vel nd vengayam ennai adikkaadheengo

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    purv (@ 137.*) on: Sat Oct 23 21:57:01 EDT 2004

    Right you are thumburu. It would be nice to see IR attempt a Khambhodi, Devagandhari, Suratti, or Bhairavi. Though on the other hand, IR hasn't adhered to only the standard Keeravaani, Mohanam, Sindhu Bhairavi, Sivaranjani and Aabheri like some of the more commercially inclined MDs of today. On the other hand, he cannot brag of any Malayamaarutham, Hamsadhwani, Aarabhi or Rasikapriya in the past three years, never mind Khambhodhi, Dwijavanthi or Devagandhari.

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