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Thread: Raga of songs

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    RR, checked out 'vasantha kalm varumo...' beautiful, how well this song vouches 'pinniya koonthal karunira naagam penmaiyin ilakkanm...' charanam is janasamodhini! everytime i listen to the krithies, this portion neranju in my manasu!
    the thoery '(not necessarily same scale-for film music), improvizations and modulation lies in the different transposition of keys' very pride & joy concept of Indian classical music that leas to the RAAGAMS is apt! thanks Vinatha

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    hai Vinatha, you made me shed tears hearing to Sri Chakra Raja - a masterpiece of Maha.Santhanam. IN fact in the next charanam when he sings " UZhandru Thirindha Ennai Uttamanakki Vaithai" reminded of BAJA GOVINDHAM by M.S and that is why the tears -out of sheer joy & ecstasy. Thanks. How about that Thillana of his own composition in ragam Sivaranjani? another masterpiece from him - have you heard that?

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    Baroque - i am not sure if 'kadhalichi paaru' is arabhi - sounds senchuruti to my paamara ears ;-)


    I got 'kadhalichi paaru' when i was going through this collection from oriental records collection featuring these three films, namely, illam, thanga thamaraigal and pudhir - some very good numbers...got this CD from Project Gem...


    Yaarodu naan solvadhu - sung by chitra - same nadai (beat cycle) like azhaghu malar aada - thaka thakita, thaka thakita - this beat is apt for 'rudra thaandavam' - the same concept of a woman crying over lost youth or how life has got wasted - but the vaidhegi kaathirundhal number is chandakouns, this seems hindolam to me...with a late shift to Ni3 of chandrakouns..

    Deviyae naan saranam - excellent melody by SPB and KSC..vintage raga melody in harikambhodhi. .dont miss this..


    Nandhavanam poothirukkudhu - There is this song 'nandhavanam
    poothirukkudhu' - gripping rendition by SPB, i dont know about the
    pallavi part, but the charanams shift to nice charukesi melody!

    Mano has sung a song 'puttu puttu vaikattuma'. .seems like
    kundalavarali to me - Raaja has some kundalavaralis - Azhagi Nee
    Paerazhagi from Enga Ooru Paatukaran and Adi Maana Maduraiyilae from Kovil Kaalai. This song's charanams resemble the kovil kaalai song pretty much..


    Hero Hero Hero - ada, KJY freak out song - long time since i heard
    this song - good to hear it again...sad that music channels of today
    of dishing out endless crap all day, while there are some hip numbers and millions of melodies in obscure films like these..

    Mudhal Mutham mogam - There was this duet with KJY and SJanaki - Mudhal Mutham mogam, idhu enna maayam - what a lovely kalyani...resembles so closely to 'kaalai thendral paadi varum' from Uyarndha ullam, which is more of mohana kalyani...

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    well, ILLAM also has a punnagavarali number - "Adum paambirukkudhu" sung by Jayachandran & shailaja.....the charanams are so addictive ...

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    Beautiful! ambience of Chakravagam glows in this lullaby with pathos..

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    Poongaviyam from karpoora mullai - KJY version - is it not a nice abheri...and should not dhevadhai pol oru penningu be abheri too? hmm, thinking aloud..

    What could be the scale of 'saami kodutha varam' from poomani? harikhambhodhi?

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    Devathai pol oru...Only Pallavi has resemblance of Abheri scale.
    BGM onwards Raaja went away totally. I am not sure...
    Poonkaviyam... Raaja stayed with Abheri Scale( mentally only I try... you are the experts!)

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    This may be a little irrelevant to the above queries, but last night, I went on YouTube and uncovered two song clips, apparently from a film called "Ilakkanam" by Bhavatharini. Both songs are based on ragas (Shudhdha Saveri and Hamsanaadham respectively)

    "Maasila Maniye"

    "Thiruve Ninai Kaathal Kandene"

    None of the faces look familiar, and I looked for information on this film and found none. But I'm sure it's something recent.

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    one radio program listed 'karpoora nayagiyae kanagavalli' as punnagavarali? Agree?

    It also said the same tune has been rehashed by Yuvan

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