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Thread: Raga of songs

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    smartsambu baroque get me going , interesting thread hope you guys share more
    and baroque 'Asavari
    mujhe gale se lagalo
    http://www.musicindiaonline.com/musi...ame.388/-chale jana nahin


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    Thanks TFM for aaj aur Kal !!
    'chale jaana...' what a lilting tune carries Asaveri, very much resembles our raaja's 'kaadhoram...' - chinna maappillai, but charanams of chale jaana... stayed put with the raaga.

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    Yes, asaveri is a beautiful raga. Check out the 'pazham thamizh' song from Manichithra thaazhu: http://www.musicindiaonline.com/musi...vie_name.3529/

    "andhamaanai" is sumaneesa ranjani. We discussed it before.

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    thanks RR!

    Please listen to the krithies I have posted in Asaveri. 'chandram bhaja...' by M.S.S , absorb the bhaavam. Take it acct the 'raga swaroopam'. 'andhamaanai paarungal... is amazing ASAVERI. Shri.MSV has done an amazing job, extremely faithful composition!

    Sumanasa ranjani is shanmugapriya janya :roll: Can you point me to a classical piece for me to understand the depth of the raga!

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    Tnks Baroque for Chura Liya after a long time I am hearing the song.Wonderful song and gorgeous Zeenath.
    Yesterday I happen to hear "Oru Ponn Manai Naan Paada Thakkathimithom" the TR movie Mythili Ennai Kadhali. With the starting swara it is very clear that it is Bhoopalam as another song of TR "Kadhiravanai Parthu" but in TFMpage for classical ragas list it is mentioned as Ragam "BOULI" Can you describe the difference between the two?

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    Naaney arai kurai, enkittey poyee kekkareley!
    Before RR come and veratti me,

    That TR song is indeed BOWLI. Please listen to Annamaacharya krithi 'sriman narayana...' by MSS, your ears will pick up that song's raga.


    Boopalam though allied raga to Bowli, listen to pozhudhu pularndhadhu..... or 'maamiyam...' ashtapathi. thats how i train my ears. Remember 'adho mega oorvalam.... song from idhayathai thirudaadhey, it may be running around in some scale but gives a boopalam feel in the pallavi though the opening music prelude is different.

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    I know you are modest but pl take it as a question from Gnanasooniyam which is worst then arai kurai.Okay jokes apart ,are there any other film songs in Bowli or Bhoopalam ? I am enjoying 'Sriman Narayana' now Thanks.

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    Is the song " Madai Thirandhu" from Nizhalgal in the ragam Chakravagam? if not what ragam it is?

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    [tscii:ad6232e027]Smartsambu, I am a ‘regular person’, many people are like me only. ARR’s ‘un veettu thottathil...’ naadha vindhu kaladhi namonamo... nnu kovil ley singing rt, same chaayal.

    Raga -Chakravagam / Raga - Ahir bhairavi.

    1. ‘Ullathil nalla ullam....’ - Karnan. I was told couple of yrs ago, but just few months back only I saw the movie, was blown away. It was composed for the people like me who pattern match. GOD BLESS!

    2. Nee paathi nan paathi.... - Keladi Kanmani

    3. Ek Duje keliye - sola bhara.... - Hindi film.

    4. Chalo main... Swamy Vivekananda - Hindi film

    Shri.Ilayaraja’s ‘madai thirandhu...’- Chakravagamaa? Or ‘andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu.... - Vasantha? Etc.. Questions require deeper knowledge. That is not in my scope. So I enjoy them as ‘80's raaja pattu’!! Musically savy people may identify them.

    If you lend your ears to a instrumental or raaga aalapana or virutham singing in Ahir bhairavi / Chakravagam to learn the raga (afterall the concept of Raga belongs to Indian classical music, naturally it is easy & natural to learn with a reference point ) the above 4 songs will not deceive you. Enjoy!

    Bowli/ Boopalam song, i don't know.[/tscii:ad6232e027]

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    The film Karnan reminds me of 2 things 1.MY chittappa who loves to watch karnan any no. of times but will also be in tear in most of Sivaji scenes.2.Whenever I was asked to sing in my younger days, I used to stand with folded hands and sing "AAyiram Karangal neeti
    which even today is talked abt by the elders of the family.Sorry for bringing my personal stories - konjam unarchi vasa pattuten Sir- by the way Ullathil Nalla Ullam also reminds me of Karpanaikku Meni Thandhu from Pattum Bharathamum - a gr8 song by TMS

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