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Thread: Raga of songs

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    [tscii:e3d28e64d7]I couldn’t get enough of this Asaveri Krithi ‘rara...’ and the pallavi lines of ‘Kaadhoram lolakku...’( Expecially the kalpana swara singing nicely loop to the ( Only) two lines) carry sharp raga swaroopam.
    Any of you voracious Shri.MSV or other formidable composers listeners, please throw at us some Asaveri compositions by him/them if any.

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    [tscii:15642d2d15]I was further poking at Raga Asaveri to capture the feel, I checked out this krithi ‘Chandram bhaja....’from this link - vocalist Smt.MSS!

    http://www.sangeethapriya.org/Downlo...c/mssmisc.html (Thanks a lot!)

    Krithi nicely leads to ‘andhamaanai parungal azhagu...’ - Andhamaan Kadhali.

    This song’s pallavi is too good ! Beautiful! Must be raga Asaveri.
    Check it out!!


    Thanks for TFM page to put up with me!

    I am out of here! :wink: Vinatha.

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    Hai friends, Please give me the ragam of URUGUTHEY from Veyyil and VENNILAVE VENNILAVE from Minsara Kanavu. Urgent :yes:

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    Uruguthey looks like abheri to me. Not sure though

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    Yesterday I happen to hear after a very long time, the wonderful song "Naan Malarodu Thaniyaga" in ragam Harikhambodhi. What a gr8 song from TMS singing exactly like Jayshankar.One of MD Veda's gems. I know "Amaidhiyana Nadhiyinile"
    from Andavan Kattalai, "Maya machindra" from Indian and "Kannukku mai Azhagu" from Pudhiya Mugam are all in the same ragam. can somebody give more songs in Harikhambodhi? :confused2:

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    Yah, andhamaanai parungal azhagu is a wonderful song inspite of not so perfect pronounciation from KJY. great song from sivaji's late pictures.

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    Pazhamudhir cholai......Varusham 16, Raaja's Hari Kambhodhi.

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    One more Asaveri. Please confirm for me not just by scale of the song, keep in mind the 'raaga swaroopam' (improvizations, modulation of the swaras in the scale) which is the ultimate decider for the raga label. I kept humming those krithies, this hindi song 'churalia...' creeping along with andhamaanai paarungal....

    what an eternal hit! Mesmerizing ludes, enduring melody, Horn melodic passages, GORGEOUS R.D.Burman!!


    thanks, vinatha.

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    There is one song" Vaana mazhai Pole Pudhu Paadhalgal" MD- IR dont know the film, I think this is also Harikhambodhi. Experts pl confirm

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    Smartsambu, please visit this site for your shri.raaja needs, they cracked down raaja

    for the hindi song, please let me know the raagam, if you guys can!
    I am content with MSV's andhamaanai.... , that composition is formidable. ta..ta..

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