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Thread: Raga of songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by baroque
    Designer, that is a splendid song indeed! I am a huge fan of Yesudas hindi songs too! Alaap, Sawan ko Aane do,Baawri,Dada and more I absolutely adore!! singer Par Excellence!!
    baroque : my favs too :thumbsup:

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    New finds

    Great track baroque thanks for sharing

    Here is something new which i stumped on recently..hope you guys enjoy

    kaakai Siraginiley - In raga brindavana saranga. Good rehash version
    As fire Burns, water ripples,air stirs,earth trembles, and space immobilized....
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    Hi guys,

    Song "Attrai Thingal" from Sivapathigaram. Can anybody tell me the Raaga of this song? Excellent melody!


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    [tscii:52a368e5b9]Cool, thanks!
    Atrai thingal... could be Dharbari Kannada! Sensuous song! Vidhyasagar’s earlier ‘malarey mounama...’- Karna...... is stupendous composition! Thanks!

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    can anybody give me the ragams for "Naan sirithal deepavali' from Nayagan and "Idhaya Vanil udhaya nilave" old movie Parthibhan kavavu by A.M.Raja and P.Suseela - I am new to this forum, have little bit of knowledge of
    carnatic ragams and from Chenni but now in Middle east on an assignement.

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    hai, yah 'atrai thingal 'sounds like darbari kanada only. There are another 2 songs in Dharbari kanada. 1. Agaya vennilave from Arangetra velai and 2.Nee katru Naan mazhai Movie????????

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    hai, talking abt Hindolam, I feel the best song I would say it that Stunning Illayaraja song " Naan Thedum Sevvandhi Poovidhu". The starting humming by I.R himself is amazing. In the recently Illayaraja Programme, Actor Parthiban was the comparer and he said You feel like happying dying after hearing this humming like lot of lovers say the dialogue - Unnoda oru naal vazhdhuttu setthu poyidanam"- smartsambu

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    Samartsambu, Please visit http://www.rakkamma.com/ for all your Shri.ilayaraja needs! what a wealth of info, they are hosting!!

    Idhaya ...... raga.Pahadi!! Couple of more sdpectacular pahadies I adore, enjoy
    rang aur noor ki raat....-Rafi-Gazal
    chandvin ka .....again Rafi owns Pahadi!

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    I have not heard such a raga "PAHADI". Can U give any other tamil songs in that ragam

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    Songs in Pahadi raga

    [tscii:772d7c05b6]Sir, I am no expert! I have no theory/swaram knowledge! I listen to pure classical music, with my arai kurai bhuththi, I identify ragas by bhaavam!
    In tamil, ‘kannukku kulamedhu....’ - Karnan by Shri.MSV a superior composition in Raga Pahadi. the pathos, poingnancy brought in that composition is unparallel!
    Shri.Ilayaraja’s ‘mounamaana neram....’ - Salangai Oli is a pahadi composition.
    His ‘orey naal unnai naan...’ is a good composition in pahadi! Please check with their site, they have listed a whole lot of songs.

    From the perspective of Raga pahadi, the Rafi songs I mentioned in my previous posting are superior compositions! O.P.Nayyar’s kashmir ki kali - There is a outstanding composition in Raga pahadi. Please check out ‘isharon isharon ....’ by Rafi & Asha!!
    Khayyam’s kabhi kabhi..... a glorious pahadi composition!
    Must listen Pahadi... Rafi’s ‘aaja tuje....’ in Neel Kamal - Composer Ravi again!
    Please check out a classical piece to enjoy the Raga’s richness!
    Legendary Hariprasad chaurasia’s
    Check out Lalgudi Jayaram too, he is unparallel!!
    RR & other experts will help you more! Thanks for introducing me to ‘idhaya...’- spectacular song!

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