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Thread: Raga of songs

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    SAAWARIYA - What a classical delight with contemporary touch!

    Outstanding classical gem in RAG BIHAG (or a slight variant in Rag BIHAG - Maru bihag) THODE BADMASH.... (please verify! I rely on my ears, no idea about theory!)

    Thode Badmash... :thumbsup: :clap: :ty:


    Narayanathe namo namo....Annamaacharya krithi for reference!


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    i have been listening to poovasam purapadum pennae i traced it to be hamsanadham

    i at a point of time began to feel the song sounded like 3 other songs
    1) sorgame endralum- ooru vittu ooru vandhu
    2) thendral vandhu ennai thodum
    3) breathless song shankar mahadevan

    does this all belong to hamsanadham? pls reply

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    Poovasam purapadum... ANBEY SIVAM has ambience of Raga SARANGA!! KONJA NERAM ENNAI MARANDHEN.... nenappu varalai ungalukku!
    Chandramukhi has a song konja neram..... that too Saranga!
    RR will help you better!

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    konjaneram is abohgi

    konjaneram from chandramuki is clearcut abhogi sir poovaasam is definitely not abhogi .indraikku yen indha aanandhame, kaalai nera poonguyil are typical abhogi . u can very well corelate these two with konja neram sir

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    Drashkum, I go by Raaga chaayal/bhaavam, I have no swaram idea/theroy.

    poovasam.... is indeed SARANGA!!

    Yes, You are correct, Konja neram.... is indeed ABHOGI!! thanks :ty: yedhukkaga konja neram anga vandhu potten! Having a bad exhausting morning!

    RR & Swara experts will help you better!
    :ty: :wave:

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    Poovasam is definitely Hamsanaadham...am sure you can relate it to the kriti 'Bantureethi kolu'.

    Sorgame is another staunch Hamsanaadham by our great IR. Everytime I listen to this song, it really gives me goosebumps!! A beautiful folk song in a classic raaga!

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    Srini, I stay with SARANGA for poovaasam!!

    Hamsanandham- Banduruthee... etc... thonakooda illai for me!

    Composition's prelude confidently leads me to RAGA SARANGA without hesitation.

    I run around listen to Keerthanais, so familiar with raga bhaavam of some ragas, Wait for more informed people, but I confidently stay put with SARANGA :lol: !!

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    poo vaasam is not saranga. It's indeed Hamsanadham/Suddha Sarang family.

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    Hamsanadham yellam varalai, please just don't map the swara phrases and label the compositions, I am novice only I don't pick up the ambience of raga Hamsanandham.
    I checked with bandureethi...,paadavendumey....Dekshit etc...

    What do you mean by suddha saranga??
    Can you point me to a keerthanai!

    I am familiar with only Raga SARANGA!
    This composition from prelude nicely lead to Arunachala nadham.... to konja neram ennai...Shri.MSV composition(film??) etc.

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    srini, thendral vandhu ennai thodum, isaiyil thodangudhamma (hey ram) and sorgamae endraalum are all sarangatharangini and not hamsanadham.

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