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Thread: Raga of songs

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    1.solli solli-senthamil pattu(chenjurtti?) - surprise, i have long felt that its based on some misra senchuruti :-)
    2.pallakku kuthiraiyila-periya veettu pannakaran - gowrimanohari
    3.oru paattala solli -theiva vakku -heard long ago - may be natabhairavi, not sure...

    people, i think the 'unakena thaanae innerama' song from ponnu oorukku pudhusu is inspired from 'jai jagadeesh hare' based in desh...

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    I don’t have Indian TV channels. The other day some one asked the raga for AIRTEL ad tune, I google searched to locate the tune and landed on a tune.
    Today I landed on this site which hosts two more different tunes ( slight variations of ‘pachai niramey pachai niramey.... ‘ tune).


    How many tunes ARR has composed for this ad?
    Can you guys help where I can hear all of them?
    Just curious! Thanks, Vinatha.


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    The 'flute piece' is the airtel theme. There are minor variations of it, but the main tune is only one, AFAIK. BTW, there's no connection to 'pachai nirame'

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    RR, Airtel_Jingle_-_FluteOnly_-_Original.mp3

    Now youtube pachai niramey... song

    00:23 - 00:44 pay attention, it sounds the same for me this flute melody.
    Kettu paarungo..

    The first one i listened doesn't have flute passage at all! :? confused now :roll:

    finally I located the very first one i listened, this is worldspace tune!


    RR, please listen to the signature tune in the update section here below ARR's photo
    Update: The signature tune and A.R.Rahman HQ wallpapers are available for download on the Worldspace India Site.

    I further poked I was able to download three versions of world space tunes, including amazing Hindustani version !
    for late aa vara people like me well yenna pannaradhu life duties yerukku rt!


    http://rapidshare.com/files/40357023...ure_Tune_2.mp3 -------- Hindustani version

    http://rs153.rapidshare.com/files/41...ure_Tune_3.mp3 ---- Flute version

    Great job ARR!! nice nice very nice! :clap:

    simply mesmerized by this tune...

    keep humming humming....
    this tune carries raga Darbar chaayal (no idea about swarams!)
    check out
    Mandolin Sreenivas - Raga Dharbar - yochana.....



    Perfect match! :thumbsup: ta..ta... ARR!

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    ragam of vizhiyil un vizhiyil from kireedom

    i am a newbie to classical music. i want to know the ragam of the song vizhiyil un vizhiyil from kireedom. for me it looks like amirkalyani with touches of saraswathi mohanam and hamsadhwani can some one please clarify

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    I was listening to 'Theeyil vizhunda' from varalaau. Is nt that malahari?? experts, pl clarify.

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    Drashkum, Vizhiyil un vizhiyil.... Kreedam song I consider as Raga Hameer Kalyani. I am no raga pundit but to my ears the song faithfully runs on ambience of Hameer Kalyani with out disturbance. RR or others will help you with your swara needs!

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    [tscii:29058dcad3]This is my understanding of Ragamaliga!

    Sri Chakra raaja.... Maharajapuram santhanam (senchuruti, punnaga, sindhu bhairavi)
    Thikku theriyaadha kattil...(just yesterday morning I was listening, amazing Behag, Sahana, Bhoopalam , composition ends with Atana)
    Shri.MSV has done awesome ragamaliga with Adhisiya raagam...(Mahathi(janasamodhini keep intercepting in my ears), Bhairavi). Whereas Ezhu swarangalukkul.... runs in the ambience of Panthuvarali raga(composer is allowed to use indifferent swara phrases, no point mapping the phrases, calling it ragamaliga).
    Rahman has done a fantastic Ragamaliga with Telephone mani pol...with Abheri and Anandha bhairavi.
    Ilayaraja’s Raasavey unnai thaan... is again carries essence of Sivaranjani & Maund.
    But his composer’s breath-NBW etc.. Classical experts may not consider as ragamaliga, Composition doesn’t carry the depth of raga, novice like me may not pick up the scale shift(WCM). Naan yedhuvum thappa solliyerundhenna, please don't kochundu,

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    Srini, Theeyil vizhunda.... is Raga Ahir bhairavi . Follow the bgm and humming your ears will pick the essence of raaga!


    Sola barasaki bali umarko salam... Ek duje Ke Liye.... -Pay close attention to this pattu to grasp the essence of theeyil vizhunda...


    Chalo main .... Swami vivekananda

    Heavy classical stuff in Ahir Bhairavi, you know Karnan song(ullathil nalla ullam) and raaja pattu-nee padhi....

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    Somehow I can only think of 'lambhodhara lagumigara' and 'padhumanabha paramapurusha' when I listen to this song. But my knowledge is very very very limited I might be entirely wrong!

    BTW, is nt ahir bhairavi another name for chakravaagam??

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