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Thread: Raga of songs

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    I am not mapping swaras...Actually, I dont know much about them

    I only identify raagas by its bhaavam. I still feel, Poovasam is in the Hamsanadam family, if not exactly hamsanadham.....and I dont see any relation to Saranga.


    I know Hamsanadham and Sarangatharangini are close, but dont know what exactly is the difference between them. I guess hamsanadam goes like this:


    Could you plz help me with the Arahona/avarohana of Sarangatharangini??

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    I stay with Raga Saranga for poovasam... Srini.
    I am familiar with couple of Keerthanais in Hamsanandham, my ears are clear, I have no doubt in my mind about the raga bhaavam.
    Please lend your ears to this contemporary classical raga saranga too.



    good day! vinatha.

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    Is Mullaimalar mele , Kaanada or Dharbarikanada ? Experts .

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    mullai malar mele... Raga Kanada.
    Sir, I have no thoery idea. I know few keerthanais in this ragam. Alai paayudhey,Sukhi evvaro... etc. Carnatic kanada and Hindustani Dharbari kanada shares some melodic similarity.
    But if you listen to the keerthanais in both the ragas you can feel the difference.
    Dharbari kanada has slow, light, lethargic fashion of certain notes gives the raga the light, velvetti beauty whereas Kanada has heavy treatment with stress.
    Novice people like me too pick up the difference naturally by ears without technical/theory idea.

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    Checked out ATM promo from this site http://www.arrahman.com/

    Kettu rasitha paadal .... DARBARI KANADA....Keelaamal.... to my ears, need to listen full song!

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    sarangatharangini| S R2 M2 P D2 N3 S | S N3 D2 P M2 R2 S

    Hamsanadham | S R2 M2 P N3 S | S N3 P M2 R2 S

    (RR, Nitya could confirm)

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    what raga is the song oru koodai sunlight from Sivaji?

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    Vel, you've got it right.

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    In a radio programme it was mentioned that 'kandaen engum poomagal naatiyam' (from kaatrinilae varum geedham) is sree ragam ! :roll:

    That film had so many other raga classics...oru vaanavil, sithira sevvanam....y.kalayani and saavithri respectively...

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    Dear vel,
    'Kanden engum poomagal naatiyam' song ai - Madhyamavathi nu indha site solludhae??

    Usha Sankar

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