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Thread: Raga of songs

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    It carries the improvisations / gamakam of rag chandrakouns.
    It always remind me of kandena govindana... purandhara dasar keerthanai. Bombay Jayashree sings very well this kutti keerthanai.




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    you may be right there baroque - chandrakouns

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    What a GREAT Raaja Pattu!

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    the notes are s r3 g3 m1 (p) d1 n3 s

    if seen as chandrakouns, it is chandrakouns with an accidental g3

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    does chandrakauns have a R3 & G3? It thought it goes like S G2 M1 D1 N3 S/S N3 D1 M1 G2 S.
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    G3, Ni3... etc.. Don't know, Srini!
    follow the keerthanai.. there is another keerthanai by Sudha Raghunathan... to learn the improvisations.


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    I initially suspected Vaagadheeswari but later realized its certainly not that.....I am so obsessed with this raga these days that I try to map each and every song to it

    Like Vel said, the notes for 'Karayatha' are S R3 G3 M1 D1 N3 S.

    Now, the 33rd Mela GangeyaBhushani, goes like S R3 G3 M1 P D1 N3 S/ S N3 D1 P M1 G3 R3 S.

    So, 'Karayatha' should be Gangeyabhushani without 'Pa'. I am sure this is a Janya raga of G.Bhushani but could nt find the name of it.

    Any comments?
    We are what we do repeatedly.Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

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    So "karaiyadha" seems to be set in some rare scale. I I have not heard any song in "Gangeyabhushani" . Could you point me to any popular Krithi or any film song in this raga so that I can understand its feel better?

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    Thumburu: Listen to TNS singing a Kriti in Gangeyabhushani here:


    Please note that, like I said before, gangeyabhusani sans pa could be a different Janya raga. Karayadha may be based on that raga and not Gangeyabhushani. The way Panchamam is ignored deliberately makes me think IR definitely had a raga in mind when tuning this song.
    We are what we do repeatedly.Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by complicateur
    Actually I've been listening to this song (its in malayalam and the copy is a little poor) a lot recently. I am unable to make out completely if the pallavi is in jOg or not, maybe I should post this there too. Raveendran Master :musicsmile:
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