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Thread: Raga of songs

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    You can check here for confirmation:


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    I have read and been told that "Ding Dong Kovil Mani" is in the ragam Amirthavarshini. Can U confirm? and if i is rasikapriya then what is the ragam of the song - "Nanthanaa Ithu Naanthaana" in the movie"Ninaithale" which also I am thinking as Amirthavarshini

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    Ninaithale song you are mentioning is indeed Ragam Amruthavarshini, Smartsambu!
    good song but the tune is very little different from thoongaadha vizhigal... of Shri.IR.
    Shri.IR faithfully followed the Dikshitar keerthanai Aanandamurudha...
    Mazhaikkoru devaney.....Sri.Ragavendra film.

    How are you, sir!

    What a coincidence, I was enjoying NERAM POURNAMI NERAM.....SPB,VANI DUET FROM MEENAVA NANBAN, whiledriving back this hot summer evening!

    Otherday at dhool Murali hosted Srivennela.... I was poking at the album after a long time, there is a song ee gaali... has amruthavarshini part by Susheela goes like that...at the tail end.

    kanne mooga manasukanna swarnaswapnamai
    talukumanna taara chiluku kaantidhaaralai...

    check out here.. the song from that movie here.


    anni mantramulu.. annamaacharya krithi.
    As always.. for swarams, wait for vel or RR or others to help you..

    bole re papihara... Guddi...by Vani Jayaram........ Miyan ki malhar is hindustani counterpart.

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    Ding dong is rasikapriya indeed

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    hmm, long time since the baroque bird chirped in here at this ROS tree...

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    Vel, If I come one thread, I kind of miss others.. POW-Neel & Ramki, I miss a lot of pattus, he is doing very well.
    Yesterday I was on my way to Neel...

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    Are you sure that "Neram Pournami Neram" is in Amruthavarshini raga? Last time I heard that song, it sounded like a pretty far cry from that raga. I'm certain there are anya swaras in the song.

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    RR will correct.

    regarding bhaavam/gamaka ambience of rag, it is Rag amruthavarshini.

    What a speedy composition!
    Love it forever!
    thanks to you, I indulge one more time tonight!
    :bluejump: :redjump: :musicsmile:


    Sudhamayi sudha.....


    RR, please help!

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    I think Nitya is right. Doesn't sound like Amirthavarshini.

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    Raga ambience/gamaka is Rag AMRUTHAVARSHINI to me!

    Indifferent swaras don't matter in a non purist platform!

    lovely composition!

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