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Thread: Raga of songs

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    Good list, Vel!!


    Shri.Ilayara's songs should be (with this list is) approached in WCM

    If you take the melody maniye manikuyiley..... , its easier to hop to

    the song's pallavi 'oru sanam thoongi.... (as the song progresses it deviates from pallavi, Shri.Raaja went away with his work!).

    Listen panni paarunga! improvisations are dangerously close to my ears.

    then What label you give for this song? What swarams that portion run?

    indha timing kulley ye you can pick out the improvisations calmly.

    Maniye mani...0:20


    Oru sanam.... 0:13


    If i am wrong, please forgive me.
    I have this doubt romba naala!


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    thanks. Ooru sanam i think is MSV's tune and raja's orchstration - the charanams are a clear give away that it is MSV's tune.

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    This movie is by MSV & IR!!


    'oru sanam.....' pallavi is Natta bhairavi meldoy = Natural Minor Scale and

    Charanams tune deviates from pallavi melody.

    Charanams are 'kuyilu karung....' & 'maaman......' are what?

    Keervani melody = Harmonic minor scale?? is it??

    Just curiosity

    WISE people find out Pallavi is in Natural minor in * key and charanams in some * key Harmonic minor.

    Long time ago Dhool's Shankar wrote about MODES, I remember reading Aeolian mode is identical to Natural minor. So you can not assume it is some Natural minor scale in some key *. the pallavi can be a Aeolian Mode of a scale too. adhu vera yerukku.

    I don't want to go into the subject , I don't know!! :lol2:

    Now, you are telling, this tune must be from Shri.MSV!

    Isn't he great!!

    He must have conceived this tune naturally without writing as sheet music!

    From my chinna vayasu to yesterday, all these yrs I was screaming 'love you Raaja' every time I amaze at this soulful pattu, now you are telling me, I should have been screaming 'love you MSV"

    Let me enjoy what I know,
    'bajarey yedhunaadham maanasa...' & 'deivam thandha veedu....' in piloo or 'manamey kanamum maravvadhye.....' & 'kismat se tum humko mile ho....' in bhimpalasi.
    Thanks. Vinatha.

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    can someone please help me teach the structure of pancha ratna keerthanais? i dont think it follows the pallavi anu pallavi structure etc.
    Ghajini in Hindi Kills. What an interpretation.

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    can somebody give the ragam of ARR's recent beauty " Kelamal Kaiyele" in ATM, Please

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    thineshan54321, please visit a classical forum.

    Smartsambu, kelamal kaiyiley.... tune is similar to aagaya vennilvey..... Dharbari Kanada when I listened to the sample.

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    [tscii:369172bb63]Dear All, i am writing another piece similar to that on natabhairavi - this time it is harikhambhodhi.

    Harikhambhodhi is a scale that differs from shankarabharanam by just a single note (harikambodhi uses Ni2 while shankarabharanm uses Ni3) – while shankarabharanam sounds a lot more straight and not so inspiring as a musical delight (my personal opinion that is), harikhambodhi permits several curves and contours that help composers give folk, western or carnatic dimensions to their compositions. While Raja’s shankarabharanams have mostly been distinctly western in their flavour (though he has used it for folk/carnatic numbers as well) his harikhambhodhis have taken diverse range of avatars with surprising ease, including folk, classical, Hindustani and semi-classical.

    Given below is a classification of some of the golden gems composed by raja in this scale, spanning across diverse colors such as folk, western, carnatic, Hindustani and semi-classical etc.

    Western Harikhambodhi
    1) Kangal rendum sandham solla – Unakaagavae Vaazhkiraen (what a mind boggling strings work ! Note the shift to various genres of music as the song moves along in 1 & 2nd interludes…)
    2)Naane Naana Yaaro Dhaana - Azhaghe Unnai Aaradhikiren (100% janaranjagamana tune from our thalai)
    3)Santhosham Indru Santhosham – Manidhanin Marupakkam (note that utter sophistication / or richness or wholesome totality packed into this tune)
    4)Thendral Varum Vazhiyai - Friends (adadaa, enna casual’a oru tune!)
    5)Oru Naal Oru Kanavu - Kannukul Nilavu (again, enna casual’a oru tune, some drugged effect!)
    6)Naan Thaan Toppu - Thanikaatu Raja

    Hindustani Harikhambodhi
    1)Vaana Mazhai Pole - Idhu Namma Bhoomi (Hindustani people may call this khamaj – this is God’s own tune

    Folkish Harikhambodhi
    1)Aadi Pattam Thedi Paarthu - Ponnumani
    2)Yetham Amma Yetham - Ninaive Oru Sangheedham (what a nice folk tune !)
    3)Oru Kundu Mani - Avatharam - (versatility, thy name is raja – closely watch his folkish diction)
    4)Kannu Pada Pogudhaiyya - Chinna Kounder (gambheeramana thalaivar kural)
    5)Palaiyathu Ponnu Naanu - Rasukutty (what a gem! Nice innocence in the tune)
    6)Pattu Vanna Selaikaari - Engeyo Kaetta Kural (same as above – note the nice innocence in the tune)
    7)Ada Pudhiyadhu Pirandhadhu - Thevar Magan (mannin manam indha isaiyil undu)
    8)Kaana Karunkuyilae - Sedhu (call it folk or gaana or kuthu song !)
    9)Saandhu Pottu Oru Sandhana Pottu - Thevar Magan (this is one song I wish kamal sang completely, without sharing with SPB)
    10)Yaarum Vilaiyaadum Thottam - Nadodi Thendral (DIVINE TUNE, this!!!)

    Carnatic tunes in harikhambhodhi
    1)Deviyae Naan Saranam - Thanga Thaamaraigal (free music tution for us)
    2)Thandhen Thandhen Isai - Villupaatukkaaran
    3)Manasukkula Nayana Satham - Mallu Vetti Minor
    4)Pazhamudhir Cholai - Varusham Padhinaaru (free music tution for us)

    Semi-classical tunes in Harikhambodhi
    1)Naan Yaaru Enakkedhum - Chinna Jamin (simple yet powerful tune)
    2)Pottu Vaitha Oru Vatta Nila - Idhayam (best sleeping tablet ever for insomniacs)
    3)Kalyana Mela Satham - Thambikku Entha Ooru (same as above – note the nice innocence in the tune)
    4)Guru Sharanam Sharanam - Guru (Malayalam) [Wholesome music…Period !!]
    5)Mullai Arumbe - Thanikaatu Raja (Oh sweet honey this song)
    6)Manavaatti Penninnu - Kaliyoonjal (Malayalam)
    7)Ennavendru Solvadhamma - Raajakumaran
    8) Andha Kattilukku - Chinna Vaathiyaar (adadaa, enna casual’a oru tune!)

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    pazhamuthir cholai is a superb harikambodhi. I don't remember listening to 'deviye naan saranam'. Any link?

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    manmohanaa jodha akbar?

    can u please tell its raga

    herei s the link

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    is anyone willing to share their carnatic classical songs with me? it is very hard to find it here. i am looking for anything (instrumental, vocal, whatever, just need good quality). please someone share.
    Ghajini in Hindi Kills. What an interpretation.

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