ok. I believe i have made my point clear in my earlier post. But for everybody's benefit, what i was trying to do is, to find a 'method' to srini's 'madness'.

our friend srini was listening to a song and felt that it was hamsadwani - while sai felt it was hamsanadham (me too). I know that the above two ragas are no way close to each other. But, i went a step further to find if the swarams are playing games with srini and found that their ascend and descend (swarams. not bhavam. not personality. etc. etc.) are similar except for one swaram. (that's a fact. no dispute in that.) So, i told him - this is the deal. So, maybe - just maybe - swarams are playing games with him.

There is a difference in a Carnatic Classical musician handling a ragam and a film MD handling a ragam (for him it may not be even a ragam - but just a scale - sequence of notes.)
When a carnatic classical singer handles a ragam, he is very concious about it and makes sure he touches the jeeva-swarams and signature prayogams (prayogams that defines ragam) frequently - so as to NOT send mixed-signals.
But when it comes to a MD, he may not care about the ragam (for him it is just a sequence of notes). So, there is no guarantee that he will touch the jeeva swarams or use the signature prayogams (often or at all).
So, in the above raga pair, if the MD uses PNSR (without touching G or M2), isnt it possible for somebody - who is more familiar with hamsadwani than hamsanadham - to think the song is in hamsadwani?

For the record, i second indrajith, mythila and vijay's opinions.
(this would be my last post on this topic.)